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Best Beaches In Konkan Near Cherilyn Monta Resort!

beaches in Konkan.
Best Beaches In Konkan Near Cherilyn Monta Resort!

When Indians think of a beach destination, they will always think of Goa, Kerala, Mediterranean etc. However, Maharashtra isn’t far behind in beaches as well! If beaches are gems, then Konkan is a crown. Konkan is one of the best destinations in Maharashtra filled with natural beauty, lakes, rivers, mountains, hill stations, forests, beaches and many more! There are many beaches in Konkan that you will absolutely fall in love with!

Cherilyn Monta Resort is located in Rajapur, near Ratnagiri city. We are among the best properties in terms of rooms, amenities, ambience as well as location. We are close to many beaches in Konkan, which are less than a 3 hour's drive away from the resort.

To make your getaway special, we have listed the best beaches near Cherilyn Monta Resort!

Best Beaches In Konkan Near Cherilyn Monta Resort

1. Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Beach is one of the best beaches in Konkan.
Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Beach is one of the famous beaches in Konkan. It is around 80 Kilometres away from Cherilyn Monta Resort. The best time to visit the beach is during the winter season, which starts in late October and continues till mid-February. It is an ideal beach for those who want to walk on the soothing sand and soak in the calm and breezy beach atmosphere.

There are many activities you can do on Ganpatipule beaches such as paragliding, motorboat, swimming, water scooter, pedal boat rides and many others.

The beach is famous for the Ganpatipule Temple, which is a famous Ganesh temple in Konkan. The temple is flooded with devotees throughout the year. It is one of the Astha Ganpatis or Eight Ganeshas of India. The temple was built 400 years ago. The Ganesh idol is also known as “Swayambhu” because the legend states the Ganesh idol is self-emerged. It is said that Shivaji Maharaj used to donate to the temple. The current temple is a recent structure.

2. Are Ware Beach

Are Ware beach is a famous beach near Cherilyn Monta Resort.
Are Ware Beach

Are Ware Beach is a short drive from Ganpatipule temple and is one of the best beaches in Konkan. It is 12 kilometres from Ganpatipule Beach and around 60 kilometres from Cherilyn Monta Resort. It is believed that the beach was formed after a mountain submerged in the sea. The two sides of the mountains are known as Are Ware.

For this reason, it is considered to be a unique beach and is known for its beauty and serenity. The span of the ocean from the beach is so vast that it cannot be caught with one glimpse. The water also changes colour according to the different time intervals of the day.

If you want to experience the beach to its fullest, you should take a nice drive along the beach. You can also visit the beach, sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. If you are coming to Cherilyn Monta, you need to visit this beach.

3. Ambolgad Beach

Ambolgad beach is a beach in Maharashtra.
Ambolgad Beach

Located 40 Kilometres from Cherilyn Monta Resort, the Ambolgad beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Konkan. It is located in the village of Ambolgad, which is located in Rajapur Taluka. It is one of the best things to do near Cherilyn Monta for those who want to explore different places during a staycation.

You can sit on the sand, have a nice walk and enjoy the wonderful sunset as you enjoy the view of the blue sea.

4. Devgad Beach

Devgad Beach
Devgad Beach

Devgad Beach is located 66 Kilometres from Cherilyn Monta Resort and it’s totally worth the visit. It is one of the many beautiful beaches in Konkan located on the Arabian Sea Coast. Close to the Devgad Beach is the famous Devgad Fort. It also has a lighthouse nearby and you can get a view of the beach, sea and the ships passing by.

It is great for casual visitors, beach lovers, photographers and travellers. This beach should be on your list!

Cherilyn Monta Resort: The Best Resort In Konkan

If you want a great holiday near Pune and Mumbai, then look no further! Cherilyn Monta Resort is the perfect resort in Konkan for your staycation and vacation! The property is spread over 80 acres and has around 3000 trees with around 80 species of birds. Surrounded by pristine greenery and a naturalistic ambience, the resort is the perfect place to escape from the stresses of daily life. We are also near many places to visit in Konkan as well!

Cherilyn Monta Resort has everything you need! Comfortable and luxurious rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, outdoor play area, conference room and more! Your next weekend with us is going to be the best weekend you ever had!


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