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Weddings and Events

Planning for a destination wedding in Konkan? We understand that you want to make your social event as memorable as possible. Be it weddings, pre-wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthday parties or any social event for that matter, Cherilyn Monta Resort is the best place to celebrate your special moments. The event hall continuing into the green lawns can accommodate people up to a capacity of 300. Additionally, we offer wedding planning services such as floral decorations done by experts, on-demand entertainment and a customizable lip-smacking menu.

Cherilyn Monta is not only a place to de-stress and relax but to network. Cherilyn Monta can be used extensively by corporate houses for both residential programs and day conferences. We have a dedicated conference room called “The Verdant” with a seating capacity of up to 100 participants. There is also an amphitheater to host important programs. Cherilyn Monta provides a healthy environment for intensive training sessions. Complement this with morning yoga and a fitness regime, health consultations, wellness advice, and adventure sports, and you will be thrilled at being provided with a different experience altogether.

Events at Resort    

  • Megh Malhar

  • Diwali Celebrations

  • New Year Celebrations

  • Ranga Barase

  • Mango Fest

Destination Wedding In Ratnagiri

Destination Wedding

Bonded In Togetherness And Gone Official At Cherilyn Monta Resort! Celebrate Your ‘BIG DAY’ At A Beautiful Destination With Minimum Cost And Effort.

Corporate Events In Ratnagiri

Corporate Events

Sophisticated Corporate Events Planned, Organised, and Executed Effortlessly, With Equal Amount Of Fun and Activities At The Resort.

Photoshoot destinations in Ratnagiri

Cherilyn Monta Is Blessed With A Natural Backdrop Of Abundant Nature, Perfect For Photoshoots.

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